Networking technologies are an integral part of modern day society. It would be hard to imagine industrial, social, or daily life without it. Its sole purpose is to help people connect and communicate without any geographical restrictions and time limitations. The internet is the best platform for networking technologies. It helps college students complete their group assignments, it gives businesses the capability to meet with overseas partners, and it’s great for gathering knowledge from people all over the world. Whenever transactions involves data transfer,┬áit is important that measures are put in place to prevent loss of data or other important information. The hp warranty lookup is a great tool that can assist you in keeping your software up-to-date without the hassle.


College students can use many networking technologies to complete assignments with other classmates without being in the same room. One of the newest and best tools for collaborating is Google Docs. It allows students to work on the same lesson plan at the same time. Students can even share notes on the project with a staff member to have them look over it and make any needed adjustments. When students go in to make any revisions there is a log created which keeps students honest about their work. Google Docs gives the ability to publish student work by sharing it within the class or to the entire school. It even has the capability of going public on the web.

Businesses can of course use Google Docs but the best networking technology for a business would be the conference call coupled with a web cam. This would be considered the Video Conference which has several different types of systems. There is the Telepresence Videoconferencing System, the Integrated Videoconferencing Rooms, and the Desktop Videoconferencing Systems just to mention a few. Telepresence Videoconferencing Systems gives the appearance of being present in an actual meeting almost like a 3-D effect. Then you have Integrated Videoconferencing Rooms which allows for the most participants to be seen through its peripheral video sources. that is why it’s most used in conference rooms, board rooms, and classrooms. Finally, you have Desktop Videoconferencing Systems which is most likely used for a personal workspace. This is the type of technology that can deliver full-motion videoconferencing from your home PC. An example of a Desktop Videoconferencing would be Skype which allows people all over the world to connect on a personal

Networking Technologies seems to be used best for knowledge gathering from large groups of people across the globe. The Wikipedia is a great example of knowledge gathering by source of networking technologies. The people who created Wikipedia would be considered knowledge workers. These knowledge workers along with their highly qualified volunteers used the method of contributing as many articles as they could to this ‘free for all’ and ‘lack of bias’ knowledge database.